Our Difference

We are Installers,not a marketing company

We are a Registered Electrical Contractor, which means we employ licenced electricians, approved by the Energy Safe (regulatory body) and carry appropriate insurance. We are regulated by the State Energy Safety bodies. Solar marketing companies on the other hand are not required to be registered and regulated by Energy Safe.

We dont use subcontractors

We carry out all our work with inhouse install teams. So our customers can rest assured of our quality workmanship and after sales service. Solar Industry has many sales-only companies who sell and then find the cheapest, mostly inexperienced subcontractors who are often new to the industry. At CTS,We allocate one full day for a 3-men install team to complete your job without any rush. Compare that to most subcontractors who would have one team work on 2 jobs a day.

We have experienced inhouse install teams

Our experienced team has installed over thousands of systems. Under the Solar VIC program, we have installed solar for about 400 Victorian households so far.

We are Approved Retailers

We are Solar victoria approved Retailer and Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer

We are a company run by Professional Engineers with a passion forRenewable Energy.

 Our company is led by professional engineers who spent years studying and researching in the field of renewable energy. They are passionate advocates of solar power and that is reflected in the workour installers carry out everyday.

Our Key People

Electrical Engineer/ Technical Manager/Install Team Manager
Qualifications: Masters (Electrical Engineering) from Edith Cowan University and Masters ( Renewable Energy) from Murdoch University in Perth, WA
Solar Industry Experience: 7 Years

Sales & Technical Support Engineer
Qualifications: Masters (Sustainable Energy
Engineering), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Solar Industry Experience: 3 Years

Install Team Leader
Qualifications: Licenced Electrician , CEC Accreditation for Grid Connect Solar
Solar Industry Experience: 5 Years

Install Team Leader
Qualifications: Licenced Electrician, CEC Accreditation for Grid Connect Solar
Solar Industry Experience: 4 Years

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