When it comes to Solar Inverters, it pays to stick to well known and proven brands. The reason being that solar inverters have a higher chance of failure than any other component in a solar system. They are infact the heart of your solar system. Warranty of the inverters is therefore very important criteria to look for.

One of the best brands around is undoubtedly Fronius. They are made in Europe, have a 10 year warranty and have proven to perform well in Australian conditions. It is for this reason these inverters are always in short supply, espeicially towards the end of the year. CTS has built solid relationships with multiple suppliers, so our warehouses are  always stocked with the latest Primo and Symo models.

The second best in the market is Huawei inverter. They are the largest inverter manufacturer in the world and supported by a Fortune 500 listed company. So it is very unlikely Huawei will go out of business. Some of it’s distinct advantages over the Fronius inverter as follows:

1) Its is a hybrid inverter that can be DC coupled to a HV LG battery. So when the time comes to install a battery, it has more options. A Fronius on the otherhand can only be AC coupled with the likes of Tesla battery, Sonnen Battery, etc.

2) Huawei inveter has an option to add optimizers if some of the panels gets unavoidably shaded during certain part of the day. You dont have this option on a Fronius inverter. If there is no shading, like most houses, then its not really an issue

3) Huawei inverter is fanless, so there is no noise. Fronius inverter can be bit noisy from the cooling fan, especially during the peak of the day. Normally not an issue if installed in the garage.

Other budget options but equally reliable inverters are Goodwe and Sungrow inverters. You can extend the warranty of these inverters to 10 years with $100 or so. If you are looking to recoup your investment from the solar system faster, these inverters are a good option.

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