Businesses can get a incentive for installing Solar in the  form of Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate. This combined with a NO Deposit Interest Free payment plan can potentially make it cash flow positive on your electricity expenses from Day 1. In other words, what you would be paying on your payment plan could be less than what you would normally pay for your power bills. Once you have paid for the system in few years time, any saving on your bills will add to your business bottom line. 

Therefore getting solar is a no brainier for businesses

  • Upfront discount on your system price through STC incentive
  • No deposit payment plan/Cash flow positive
  • Most business use power during day, ensuring optimal utilisation of solar capacity
  • Power production guaranteed for 25 years
  • Utilising your roof space to improve your business financial position
  • Doing your bit to minimise use of fossil fuel based power
  • Minimal maintenance required on the system


Most power companies allow 30kW of Inverter capacity to be connected without requiring expensive grid protection equipment. This is good news for most small business like offices, workshops, restaurants, shops, etc as you can get the approval to connect without much hassle and cost.

Talk to our expert Tshering about how you could save on your power bills and let him work out the numbers for you like the right system size to install, recommended equipment, ROI and payback period on your investment. Tshering holds a Masters degree in Energy Studies and Renewable Energy from Murdoch University, Perth and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Edith Cowan University, Perth. He has been in Solar Industry for more than 8 years.

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