We provide offgrid solar PV systems

Offgrid Systems

We can provide turnkey solutions for offgrid solar PV systems for remote areas. We supply and install German made SMA Sunny Island inverter, German made deep cycle batteries and back up generators in one complete package. You can sit aside and relax when we build a power station on its own right in your backyard. No more expensive power line extension work or ever increasing electricity bills to pay!

Battery Storage Solutions

Battery storage solutions are suitable for grid connected households who want to take advantage of battery technology to store solar power during the day and use it during the evening or night time. There are number of different technologies coming to the market and CTS are well positioned to supply you with the latest solar storage options.

We install battery storage ready systems. What it entails is retrofitting an existing system with a charger/inverter together with the battery system in the future.

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