Solar Panels

There is a variety of panels from different manufacturers. How do we then decide which is the best panel to go for? Some of the basic things to consider are:

Mono or Poly

Mono cells are slightly more efficient than Poly cells. Therefore, for the same physical  size of panels, mono panels will have higher wattage, typically more than 300W. Poly panels normally come in the 275-290W range. Mono cells are preferred if you have limited roof space or you simply don’t want too many panels on the roof.

Type of Technology Features

As with any industry, solar panels are rapidly developing with manufacturers investing in a lot of Research and Development. Some of the latest features too look for are the PERC technology and halfcell technology. Simply put, these technologies enable solar panels to perform better (increase efficiency), reduce losses and enhance performance in hot conditions.


Some of the largest manufacturers of panels in the world are Jinko, Trina, Canadian, etc. In other words, they sell more panels than any other manufacturers. Therefore, they provide decent quality panels at the most competitive price due to their level of automation in manufacturing and economies of scale. That is the reason more residential, commercial and solar farm developers buy from them. There are also few brands that are owned by Australian distributors like Link Energy Panels. They are are a good choice from warranty perspective as the manufacturer (Certificate Holder) is an Australian company.


Almost all panels have a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty. Few manufacturer’s like SunPower, LG and REC offer 25 years warranty. However the extra warranty on these panels come at a huge price.